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What is Your Task Tool?

The Task Tool is the ideal tool for managing your long-term and short-term goals. Anything from daily tasks (e.g., take out the garbage, go to the store, exercise) to major life goals (e.g. write a book, launch your own business, lose 30 pounds, etc.). The best part about it... it works. That is, it provides the organization and the motivation to keep you achieving. Think of Your Task Tool as a digital coach here to help you achieve.

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What's In It For Me?

The Task Tool is based the psychological principle that operate in blocks of time. For about 20 minutes, most of us can fully concentrate on virtually any given task. After about 20 minutes, our focus, and often motivation, tends to drop. By creating multiple task categories, you can switch your efforts and restore your focus when needed. The Task Tool provides a visual representation of total task time in 20 blocks, so you can literally see where you are in terms of reaching your monthly goals. At the end of a month of using the Task Tool, you will find that you have been far more productive than ever before.


What Exactly Does It Do?

  • Visual representation of goals and tasks
  • Task list
  • Note area for each task category
  • Set one time, daily, weekly, and monthly tasks
  • Timer helps keep track of tasks
  • "Forgive" feature allows tasks to be started mid-month

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